About us

A software company leading you through process automation

About us

Atfinity is a software company that automates processes with a unique no-code approach. Next to our software we contribute with our long-standing experience in collaborating with traditional banks. Today, our client base consists of some of the most demanding companies such as private banks, neo banks, crypto and fintech organizations. 

All of them appreciate that we deliver tangible results pragmatically and fast. 

Especially for client-centric processes like onboardings, KYCs or time-critical processes like an internal review with a short deadline, we strive to be the leading software company.


Atfinity focuses on automating processes in the financial industry. To develop and perfect our software we invested an equivalent of 25 years or 9125 days or 219'000 hours - and we are still counting.


Our experienced team of engineers, process solution consultants and project managers generates value with excellent solutions.



We are transparent. We are pragmatic.
We are partners.