Mountain Partners

« Using Atfinity’s flexible software, Mountain Partners is able to cover all compliance processes of multiple regulated companies in one application. »

Alexander Köhler from Mountain Partners shares why Atfinity is the right choice for Mountain Partners.


Which processes did you automate with Atfinity?
With Atfinity we automated our whole compliance processes for our investors, portfolio companies and also our board members. The processes are following the requirements of multiple regulatory requirements like AMLA, CISA and FATCA.

Why did you choose Atfinity?

In order to be able to handle all necessary regulatory requirements, we cannot and do not want to rely on manual processes. Hence, we decided to handle those processes in an automated and highly flexible way. During our market screening we identified multiple potential solutions but there was not a single one that allowed us to cover all our different regulatory requirements. On top of that, we were also looking to choose a solution that is flexible enough to also cater for the bunch of regulatory requirements that we still expect to change.

Atfinity offered us all of that: One future-proof application for all our compliance processes and for all vehicles of our group.

What did you appreciate in the collaboration?
We know that we have a sophisticated setup due to multiple legal entities and different regulatory frameworks we adhere to. Atfinity was very fast in screening our processes and very flexible in adapting those in their tool to make them fit exactly to our needs. And moreover, the responsiveness and the speed of delivery is a great asset of the team. Within two weeks the initial version was delivered and once the AMLA requirements were revised, we got an updated version within 1 week.

Which organizations would you recommend to work with Atfinity?
I would recommend Atfinity to companies that want to automate their customer processes and thus, increase their efficiency - especially in the area of compliance, where regulations are very strict.

About Mountain Partners

Mountain Partners AG (MP) is a global company builder headquartered in Zurich that manages more than 120 investments in the sectors of fintech & insurtech, proptech, e-commerce & consumer tech, enterprise tech, health tech and media & marketing. MP is the holding company which owns equity of strategic vehicles and sets the group’s investment strategy. MP supports and finances companies in the early incubation phase, internationalizes proven business models, provides active local management and finally brings them to public markets.