« We appreciate our collaboration a lot and would recommend Atfinity to fast-paced organizations such as crypto companies and Neo-Banks. »

As the result of an excellent collaboration, Atfinity automated onboarding and KYC related processes with and for Bitcoin Suisse AG within three months. In the following interview, Bitcoin Suisse’s CRO Sven Ramspott describes the experiences he and his team have made with Atfinity.
Sven Ramspott

Which processes did you automate with atfinity?
At the beginning of the business relationship, we started with onboarding new clients, periodic and ad hoc KYC reviews for existing clients as well as a process around certain changes of client data. We were very happy with the progress, and we decided to automate additional processes from our KYC framework with atfinity.

Why did you choose atfinity?
The three main factors for our choice in favor of atfinity were their responsiveness, the flexibility of their software and the speed of implementation.

From the first contact, atfinity demonstrated that they want to and can implement fast. Our interactions were efficient and pragmatic – values that Bitcoin Suisse appreciates. 

Flexibility of the software
As we were in the process of refining our KYC framework, we needed software that was flexible to meet and adapt to changing requirements of the KYC framework. 

Speed of implementation
Due to our ambitious timeline, we needed atfinity to be up and running within three months after the project started. We first looked into developing a solution ourselves but quickly realized that atfinity is the preferred option because of implementation time and cost.

What did you appreciate in the collaboration?

Atfinity delivered prototypes early on in the project and we were able to criticize a tangible solution. Atfinity was very active in terms of our exchange, on the business and the IT side, and enabled a smooth and efficient process. Based on the frequent feedback of our team, atfinity has updated its solution within days to match our expectations and timeline. Also, it is great to see how the company and software are growing during our collaboration. Well done.

Which organizations would you recommend to work with Atfinity?

We appreciate our collaboration a lot and would recommend Atfinity to fast-paced organizations such as crypto companies and Neo-Banks.

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