Atfinity leads you to an optimal
automated process without writing a
single line of code.

Upload & connect

  • Upload existing forms, documents and checklists
  • Connect existing APIs and data sources

Simply extract business rules

  • Define when a document is needed
  • Configure when an API should be used

Add fields within documents

  • Place required fields in the document (e.g. text or tick boxes)
  • Set a rule defines when field is required (e.g. if a box is ticked)

The Atfinity AI

  • Atfinity calculates the optimal process from the given rules
  • Atfinity automatically generates user interfaces and APIs

Guided journey

  • Our ‚Case Manager‘ leads users through your processes, ensuring all necessary data is collected
  • Relevant documents are pre-filled and all decisions are audit-logged
  • Connect your existing frontends through our APIs to run Atfinity ‚headless‘


Documents have changed? New forms are required? Your offering changes? Don't worry! As you have seen, such changes can be done with little effort and Atfinity instantly calculates the adapted process for the user. 
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