Working together

We understand where you are right now.
Together, we plan realistically.
We communicate transparently.
We act pragmatically.
This is how you will get value quickly.

Starting where you are right now

  • No need for change: You send us your required documents, checklists and policies.
  • Fitting to your architecture: You tell us which integrations you need and how data should be exchanged.
  • Flexible deployment: you choose if the software should run in the atfinity cloud or in your own environment.

Realistic planning

  • Transparent scoping: We send you a tailored offer within a week.
  • Realistic time plan: We prepare a structured project plan for joint approval.
  • Efficient workshops: Thematic workshops are prepared well by both sides. This ensures efficient meetings.

Pragmatic delivery

  • Structured updates: Regular project meetings ensure efficient communication.
  • Tangible results: You get a tangible prototype within weeks.
  • Refined solution: Thanks to your feedback we refine the solution.

Run and extend atfinity

  • Structured training: You will be trained on how to use and maintain the solution yourself.
  • Reliable support: Over time, processes need to be adapted. We support you when you need us.
  • Extending the solution: You can extend the solution yourself or we will take care of it.
Three good reasons to work with Atfinity
  1. We are experienced when it comes to automating client centric processes.
  2. Our no-code software and our approach create value quickly.
  3. We are transparent. We are pragmatic. We are partners. 
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